Stunning Mountain Towns in Colorado

Best Mountain Towns to Visit in Colorado with Kids Marble, Colorado Marble, Colorado is a town rich with history. Although the population today is only about 100 people, it once had a population in the thousands in the early 20th century, when marble (the stone) was discovered here. A lot of the statues and architecture [...]

Night Sky Photography Tips

If you've been wondering how to shoot the Milky Way, you have come to the right place! We've been getting a ton of questions about how we take our night sky shots, or astrophotography, and requests for tips and tricks. This is a beginner's guide to taking your first night sky photo. I'm definitely far [...]

Death Valley National Park with Kids

Although "Death Valley" doesn't *sound* like the most welcoming place to take your kids on holiday, I assure you - it's quite the opposite. Death Valley National Park can be explored comfortably over a weekend, or even just a single day. We opted for one night inside the park, and one night in Pahrump, the [...]

Sedona with Kids

I've always heard amazing things about Sedona, Arizona, but seeing it in person put a whole new perspective on this place. Sedona decided to really show off in honour of our arrival; we got in just two hours before a major snowstorm hit, and woke up to a magical and snowy winter wonderland. It's fairly [...]

Travel Fails of 2019

I like to look back at all our travels at the end of each year and reflect on all the things that went... well.. not so smoothly. Sometimes it gives me a laugh, but more often than not it's just a reality check that things sometimes almost never go according to plan. We keep our [...]

Denver, Colorado Holiday Guide

Dillon Ice Castles Price: 12-21$ per person There are only 4 Ice Castle locations in the US, and Colorado has one of them! These castles are not to be missed. The castles are built by professional ice artists who place hundreds of thousands of icicles using their bare hands! There are frozen thrones, ice tunnels, [...]

8 Amazing Weekend Trips from Denver, Colorado

Here's a list of our favorite towns for a quick weekend getaway from Denver, Colorado. Aspen Distance: 3.5 hours Aspen is a beautiful year-round destination, and only a short drive away from Denver! Although Aspen is famous for its golden Fall foliage and world-class skiing, I think this place is stunning year-round. There are lakes, [...]

Aspen with Kids

We went on a long weekend trip to Aspen, and, for the first time, I had nothing planned except for maybe hiking Maroon Bells and doing some night photography when the kids went to bed. The stars didn't quite align on that second part but I did get my first full night of sleep since [...]

Moab with Kids: Things to Do

We've been to Moab twice now, and still feel like we just barely scratched the surface of this beautiful corner of Utah. This is a roundup of our favourite things to do in Moab with Kids! Arches National Park This is seriously one of the coolest parks we've ever been to in the US, and [...]

What to Pack When Traveling with Babies for a Month

True story. We went traveling for a month with our two babies. Expectation: One large backpack and two baby carriers. Reality: 1 80L backpack, 1 60L backpack, a diaper/food/toys backpack, a camera backpack, two car seats, a double stroller, and two baby carriers. 👍So close. For Getting Around Phil & Ted's Double Stroller I'm in [...]