After a bit of a travel hiatus, we are finally back at it - and this time with a new member of the family! I was on the fence about traveling with such a tiny human for a very long time. I talked to a lot of my friends who also recently had their own [...]

Italy – Cinq Terre

Cinq Terre is a beautiful area composed of five little villages embedded into steep seaside cliffs.There's a scenic 5 hour hike connecting all these villages and makes for an amazing full day of sight-seeing on a stairmaster.Once you get past the 2345987234th step, you get a nice view of the village from above.

Italy – Rome

This is by far my favorite city in all of Europe. Except for the mandatory 2394857298792345981 tourists. The nice thing about travelling South-East Asia was the fact that it was still possible to find tourist-less areas to see. Southern Europe in the summer? Not so much. Our first destination in Rome, was, of course, the [...]


After reading many subpar reviews about the tourist overpopulation in Kuta, we decided to stay in a less popular, but highly recommended area of Bail - Kerobokan. We got very lucky with our host at Dana Guesthouse who took us on a very cheap, full day, private tour around Bali, along with one other couple. It took [...]

Railay and the Monkeys

From Koh Phi Phi, we made our way to Krabi Town. Since we only had one day to spend in Krabi, we decided to try out the famous rock climbing place in Railay park. The guesthouse we stayed at - Gafiyah Guesthouse - helped us organize a climbing trip with King Climbers, and while we were [...]

Rain Season in Thailand

On our second day in Koh Phi Phi we had a bit of rain in the morning. Good thing we had to check out of the most remote hostel ever and find another place to stay. The rest of the day was actually pretty clear, and surprisingly the streets were completely dry by mid afternoon with [...]

Koh Phi Phi and The Beach

From Phuket we took a ferry to the famous Koh Phi Phi.There are plenty of services that run ferries from Phuket Koh Phi Phi Krabi and conveniently sell open tickets for any time, any day. Going through an agent for this is useless - the public transport is perfectly fine and probably the cheapest option [...]

Fuck it, let’s go to Phuket

After a long overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani (~1200BHT, and about 12 hrs), where a vendor sang "Singha Beer, Singha Beer, Singa all the way!" to the tune of Jingle Bells .. all the way.. and a few more busses and scams, we finally ended up in Phuket. Which might as well be [...]

More Bangkok

Bangkok wasn't ALL bad.We ended up visiting the Grand Palace, even though our scammers from the previous day had convinced us that it is closed and we can't even get near itAs well as the biggest lying down Golden BuddahWe got to visit the Lebua at State Tower Hotel, where the Hangover II was filmed"We [...]

Scammed in Bangkok

Well.. "One Night in Bangkok" turned into "Three Nights in Bangkok Because All Trains Were Booked".  If you're going to Bangkok, really do try to have your ticket out ready in advance.Also, have a good understanding of the ballpark prices you should be paying tuk-tuks and taxis. I'm sure our first Bangkok taxi driver is [...]