Denver, Colorado Holiday Guide

Dillon Ice Castles

Price: 12-21$ per person

There are only 4 Ice Castle locations in the US, and Colorado has one of them! These castles are not to be missed. The castles are built by professional ice artists who place hundreds of thousands of icicles using their bare hands! There are frozen thrones, ice tunnels, and ice slide, and at night the whole thing is lit up using LEDs.

This year tickets are between 12-21$ per person, depending on age and day. Admission is on a timed entry, so you have to enter within the half hour you chose for your ticket. Once you leave, you cannot come back in so make sure you have everything you need with you!

The snow is pretty uneven inside the castles, so boots and snow pants are a must for the kiddos. Strollers will be useless inside, but they do allow bringing in a sled! I used a carrier for our youngest and our oldest just walked around on her own.

The park fills up really fast, so the best time to enter is as early as you can during the first entry time slot of the day. People stick around for quite a while and so the later you come the more crowded it’ll be. It will be tougher to get a photo without others in the picture if you wait too long.

Make sure to try the ice slide! The line gets long really early on so make sure to get a spot in line as soon as you enter.

Denver Zoo Lights

Price: 15$ – 18$ per person

One of my favorite times to visit the Denver Zoo is during the holidays! They have a separate night admission for Denver Zoo Light ticket holders and the whole zoo gets lit up with 2 million LED lights.

Make sure to dress warmly as it gets very cold at night and there’s not too much space indoors to warm up. Strollers are welcome and are probably the best way to get around the zoo for families.

Georgetown Loop Holiday Train

Cost: 30$-50$ per person

What a cool Polar Express Experience!

You board a train at the North Pole Station

And take a ride through a lit up snow-covered forest

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Santa will make a guest appearance at some point during the ride, and snacks and drinks are included in the ticket price.

Christmas in Color

Price: 27$ per car

I was excited for going through light tunnels, but I had no idea the lights would also be synchronized to music! Just turn on your radio to the right channel and voila! More than 1.5million LED lights in all shapes and forms – light tunnels, Christmas trees, singing lightbulbs, candy canes, etc.

The only downside (or upside since the kids are strapped in!) is that you must stay inside the car at all times.

You also get 3D glasses to fully enhance the experience.

Red Rocks Park

price: free!

If you’re not into holiday lights, there are lots of beautiful hikes to take in the winter that are accessible from Denver.

The white snow against the red rocks in Red Rocks Park is one of my favorite things to see in the winter! And you don’t even need to drive all the way to Utah to see it 🙂

Boulder & Chautauqua

price: free!

I love seeing the Flatirons covered in snow – it’s one of the reasons I don’t hate winter in Colorado 🙂

You can still do some of the hikes in Chautauqua park, and it’ll look fairly different than doing them in the summer.

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  1. Such beautiful pics! We recently moved to the Boulder area and I have all these things on my holiday list! We visited Denver last year over Winter Break and went to the Ice Castles, Christmas in Color (we’ve also been to it in Utah), Boulder and Red Rocks. We also visited Blossoms of Light at Denver Botanic Gardens which was beautiful.

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