Wakayama & Kumano Kodo

This leg of the trip was both my biggest fear and my biggest highlight. It's off the Tokyo/Kyoto tourist funnel, slightly in the middle of butfucknowhere, and absolutely gorgeous. Kumano Kodo is a network of trails spanning across the Kii Peninsula in the Wakayama Prefecture. For over a thousand years, pilgrims used to hike these [...]

Inari & Kiyomizudera

Kiyomizudera was a bit of a letdown given that it went under construction two days before we arrived. Even though this made it into our Travel Fails of 2017, we still really enjoyed walking around the temple area and seeing the beautiful cobble-stone streets and fancy tiny houses. I think the construction scared away most [...]


This was another highlight for me, and a nice break from the Kyoto station madness. As usual, we were the first tourists on the first train to Arashiyama. We headed straight to the bamboo forest, where we spent a good 40 mins trying to get the perfect shot with Babes, and probably photobombing both of [...]


This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, for both Danny and I. Seeing the peace memorial, and walking through the museum was a moving experience. With Babes’ cooperation, we were able to spend a good two hours reading about everything that happened, and the after effects the radiation had on the people [...]


Since our days started at 5am, we had lots of morning time for exploring. We decided to check out the busiest intersection in the world - Shibuya Crossing At apparently the least busy time ever. One Starbucks latte later, we were on our way to our next destination, Hiroshima. We ended up boarding the local [...]

Shinjuku Goyen

A was finally back to her normal self after taking a full day to recover, so with the first ray of light at 5am we started our day. We went back to the Imperial Palace area, in hopes of actually seeing the Imperial Palace. Turned out it only opens at 9, so we took some [...]

It is strong in time, and it is gently to time tough at time.

This day was mostly a write off, since we were all still recovering from the flight. Who needs cribs if we're all going to sleep on the floor anyway. The fever from the night before subsided pretty quickly that same night, but A was still pretty exhausted and we decided to take it easy. After [...]


On our first day, we ventured out to Chiyoda area. I wanted to hit some of the Cherry Blossom spots. The really cool thing was that since Hanami and Sakura season is such a huge event in Japan, Google Maps adds temporary Cherry Blossom viewing spots directly on their maps. We walked around the East [...]