Stranded in Lagos

TL;DR - got stranded in the middle of the highway for 4 hours because of mechanical failure. Lessons learned - ask to see the car history of the car you're renting. And if it's been to the mechanic a thousand times for battery problems, maybe ask for a different car. When I was initially planning [...]


Portugal is absolutely phenomenal for traveling with a baby. 5/5 would recommend. We didn't quite realize the extent of this until our day trip to Sintra from Lisbon. Sintra is an easy 1-hour train ride from Lisbon, with great signage and accessible transportation. The only not-so-easy part was buying the train tickets. Luckily for us, [...]


This trip was going to have its own set of challenges - A is no longer exclusively breastfed so we have to find food for her, she is getting pretty heavy so we have to carry around a stroller, AND she is now a full on crawling-almost-walking machine! No more Japanese-style everyone-sleeps-in-one-bed-on-the floor. We now [...]